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I, Principal Rouse, fully recommend the product Red Alert Wax, for usage in all schools. Red Alert Wax has been in use in the hallways and cafeteria of Saint Andrew Academy for 36 months. Since implementation of this product, we have had no accidents in these areas. It has become a dependable way to identify and clean up liquids when they are spilt. From the beginning of its application, students immediately responded to the appearing spots by instinctively avoiding them. An additional and most helpful element of the wax is that the spots appear immediately reducing the accidents of slipping and falling, and the timely way spills are noticed and cleaned up.
Mrs. Nicole Rouse
Principal of Saint Andrew Academy
I would like to take this opportunity to express my opinion on a new floor wax called Red Alert Wax, which was applied to my office floor. The product not only looks like a typical shiny floor wax, but goes from Clear to Red when wet. The red color automatically warns me not to walk in the wet area. Since it has been applied to my operating room, I have become more aware of potential hazards that we create during our normal hand washing procedure. I would recommend using this safety product for any floor that has the potential of liquid spills. It would be a great solution at the entrance to your business that would show water or snow tracked in from the outside. Safety is a major issue in my office and I would highly recommend using this safety product to make any floor safer.
Douglas Hensley, M.D.
Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery
I manage a wholesale building materials business. When it rains, we have all kinds of mud and moisture brought into our showroom. I was always concerned about people slipping as they walked in the door from the rain outside. There simply was no way to tell when our tile floor was wet. After a discussion with Mike Ursine, he told me about a new product he was involved in called “Red Alert”. It sounded like just what we needed to help me with my concerns about a slip or fall in my showroom. Mike and his professional team waxed our floors with “Red Alert”. Everyone was amazed at how it turned red whenever there was a danger of slipping. The finish lasted about five months and then needed to be reapplied which is common with tile floors but with the abuse that ours takes, I felt it took a beating. This is a great product and I will definitely use it again. I would recommend “Red Alert” to any professional organization in the maintenance and care of their tile floors.
Ben Watters
ABC Supply Manager
Christopher Herbert
Maintenance Supervisor / St. Peter apostle