Make the invisible visible

Red Alert Wax was developed to help reduce the number of slips and falls due to accidental spills. When you see a shiny clean floor, you assume it is clear of any slip hazards, however most spills are water, which are not visible. That is why we developed a safety coating system that will turn the spill a reddish color to warn everyone the floor is wet and to avoid the area.

The color changes within the first 3 to 10 seconds of the water hitting the floor, making it an early wet floor warning system. Red Alert Floor Safety Coating has given you a new reason to wax and protect your floor like never before—our solution warns people where the spills are, and where to avoid them. After spills are cleaned up, and the floor is dry it will go back to its original shiny waxed floor that everyone is accustomed to seeing.

Red Alert Wax makes your floor an early wet floor warning system

Only Patented Floor Safety Coating

  • Helps reduce slips, trips and falls, which reduces accidents.
  • Reduces law suits.
  • Allows you to see where the floor is wet until it dries.
  • Zero VOC
Directions for use:
  1. Completely strip all old wax or floor finish. Use any standard commercial floor stripper.
  2. Remove all stripping solution and follow with two or three clear rinses.
  3. Apply Red Alert Wax floor safety coating in a uniform coat. Allow 30 to 40 minutes to dry thoroughly and dry to the touch. Apply subsequent coats in the same manner. The recommended coats are 3 to 4. Directions for buffing floor coating: After coating has been down for 3 to 5 hours you can perform your normal high speed buffing every other week or as needed. Directions to ensure color reaction and warning system: Apply a small amount of water to test the floor weekly to ensure that coating is still reacting and showing color. Approximately 6 months after first application, it may be necessary to reapply additional floor coatings. If so, then do a light scrubbing with a neutral floor cleaner and repeat step 1-3 again.