Slip & Fall


People hospitalized each year due to slips and falls in the US


Falls, slips and trips in 2018


Workplace lost-time injuries or deaths due to slips, trips or falls in the US in 2017

IntelliSee boosts Red Alert Wax’s Safety System

Experience the Power of IntelliSee's AI System

IntelliSee’s AI technology enhances Red Alert Wax’s safety system, providing real-time monitoring and detection of spills to further reduce slip and fall hazards.

Detect - Slip/Fall

Red Alert Wax assists IntelliSee in detecting hard-to-spot spills, reducing the risk of injuries.

Alert - Slip/Fall

The system sends alerts with time-stamped images and relevant information to your designated contacts, allowing swift action to be taken upon detection.

Red Alert Wax for a safer, more reliable floor care solution

Introducing Red Alert Wax

The patented floor product that turns red to warn you when the floor is wet. Our innovative formula is designed to help reduce slips and falls caused by wet floors, making your facility safer for everyone.

Your Solution to Safer Floor Care Systems

Once the spill is cleaned up, Red Alert Wax restores the floor to its normal, shiny appearance. With this product, you can be confident that your floor care system is not only effective, but also visually responsive.

See Our Innovative Color-Changing Feature in Action

Take a look at our unique color-changing feature, which vividly displays what water looks like after it hits the floor to signal that it's wet.